The Technical Assistance

The Intra-ACP GCCA+ programme includes a component on Technical Assistance to ACP countries and regions. It comprises three parts:

Direct Technical Assistance

The programme funds technical assistance for government and non-government organisations in ACP Member States through collaboration with the Climate Support Facility (CSF).



Coordination and Networking

The programme supports regional synergies and lesson-learning through meetings and active online communications.

Knowledge Sharing

The programme shares knowledge by participating in international climate change dialogues and by creating and sharing thematic documents on climate change.

The Technical Assistance team

The Technical Assistance Team comprises three full-time experts, who support the ACP Secretariat with coordination, implementation, monitoring, knowledge management, communication, and strategic dialogue. It is also responsible for managing the Climate Support Facility (CSF), which provides demand-driven, short-term technical assistance and training on climate change to ACP regional organizations and countries.

Dr. Pendo Maro

Team Leader

  • +32 2 743 06 07

Riccardo Magini

Deputy Team Leader/ Climate Support Facility (CSF) Administrator

  • +32 2 743 06 00 (ext 809)

Ms. Francesca Antifora

Programme Assistant

  • +32 2 743 06 90

Jean-Rémy Daue

Communication & Knowledge Management Expert

  • +32 2 743 06 00

The Climate Support Facility (CSF)

The CSF provides demand-driven technical assistance to ACP countries and regions. It provides short term experts and makes funding available for technical support and regional work via Work Orders.

Who can apply for support?

Support is open to the following groups in ACP countries:

Regional organisations
Government bodies
Non-state actors such as cities, municipalities
Universities and other research Institutions
Civil Society Organisations
What kind of services are
provided by the CSF?

CSF services include:

Feasibility Studies
Project Identification and Formulation
Policy Development
Determination of Funding Requirements and Resource Mobilisation
Capacity Building, Training and Workshops
Knowledge Management and Communications
Curriculum Development
Technical Advice on Specific Issues
What are the priority areas
for CSF intervention?

Priority areas for CSF support include:

Climate change mainstreaming in development policies, plans, programmes and projects
Implementation of the Paris Agreement, with focus on Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs)
Replication and scaling up of successful adaptation and mitigation practices (including ecosystem-based solutions)
More generally, initiatives that integrate climate change and sustainable development agendas

Consortium Members

The Service Contract has been awarded by the Contracting Authority, the ACP Secretariat, to the Consortium led by AGRECO G.E.I.E. and composed by CecoDDA S.A. and MWH Stantec.