“OUR SOLUTIONS ARE IN NATURE”: Calls to action on the occasion of United Nations International Day for Biological Diversity

Since the year 2000, the United Nations proclaimed 22 May as the International Day for Biological Diversity (IDB) to increase understanding and awareness around biodiversity issues. Given the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, this year the celebration takes on an even greater significance, highlighting the importance of concerted actions.


Several recent special reports on climate change and land use (including the IPCC and IPBS – the IPCC’s equivalent for diversity) have made the link between the health of our ecosystems and human health. The pressure we exert on the ecosystems is often correlated to the origin of episodes of zoonoses – diseases present in animals – which are transferred to human. As a global community, we are more than ever, called to re-examine our relationship with the natural world. It is clear, that a healthy and vibrant ecosystem provides us with essential services for our well-being, our economies and our survival. Nature-based solutions are masterpieces of the puzzle that can help us cope with climate change, provide us with food and water security, medicines, or energy, just to name a few.


Under these circumstances,  the IDB will be commemorated through its first-ever online-only campaign organized by the CBD Secretariat on the theme “Our solutions are in nature”. This slogan brings both Nature-Based Solutions with biodiversity safeguards to emphasise solidarity and the importance of working together at all levels to build a future which is more harmonious with our environment.

A full week of activities

Several topics will be on the biodiversity agenda from 18 to 22nd May:


  • 18 May – Science and traditional knowledge are in the spotlight, not only to understand the state of biodiversity but also to comprehend the drivers of biodiversity loss and pathways for a sustainable future. As a reminder, Local and Indigenous knowledge in the context of climate change, is one of the key issue on which OACPS could have a catalytic role to play in the future;
  • 19-21 May – These 3 days are devoted to raising awareness on areas that deal with the different objectives of the Convention on Biological Diversity: 1) Different ways of conserving biodiversity; 2) Health, agriculture, food and feed, food security and biodiversity; and 3) People, culture and biodiversity. Awareness could also be raised on the link between biodiversity, climate, and land;
  • 22 May – The commemoration culminates with the International Day for Biological Diversity around the theme of action for biodiversity and emphasising that “Our solutions are in nature”.


Theses themes and the slogan are meant to mirror the relationship with IPBS assessments and in particular to enhance Ecosystem-based solutions for addressing biodiversity loss, climate change, and land degradation simultaneously.

A call to action by videos and written statements

This is a  new opportunity for all intra-ACP climate change stakeholders to highlight possible actions, which can be carried out at the national level. For each of the themes/days, collaboration with Ministries of Education, formal and informal education sector, UNESCO National Commission, and/or local NGOs network, is encouraged for the multiplying effects of the campaign.


The UN entities are soliciting videos and written statements on the theme “Our solutions are in nature” from all regions of the world.  To participate in this awareness campaign please spread the message and eventually send your contribution here


For more information please visit the website and follow @UNBiodiversity social media platforms below: