24 June 2020: webinar on the use of the ACP NDC platform



The Secretariat of the OACPS in collaboration with the African Union Commission (AUC), COMESA and SADC, hosted a webinar on 24 June 2020 on the use of the ACP NDC platform. This online event was a successfully gathered some 54 participants from African Member states of the OACPS, RECs, Regional Partners of the Programme and UNFCCC Focal points to discuss, among others progress of NDC regions in their countries.


The online NDC tool was unanimously welcomed and applauded by all participants. They  found the platform particularly user-friendly, concise and “extremely useful” to facilitate NDC Submission. The need for the platform, which is currently in English to be available in French, Portuguese and Spanish was highlighted by many participants. These different language versions are currently being finalised and will be available by mid-August, to facilitate the use by all members of the OACPS.


The meeting also included an informal exchange on shared experiences on NDC submission from Rwanda, Benin, Seychelles and Mauritius, during which the importance of multi-stakeholder approach and partnerships was underscored.


It is to be noted that similar training sessions will be held in the coming months with the Caribbean and Pacific Regions respectively.



“The tool will make our task much simpler…”


“In the Seychelles, our ambition is to find natural solutions, including the inclusion of blue carbon in our NDCs. In this context, the platform could prove to be very interesting, as it allows us to reflect on useful elements in relation to our commitments and to engage in a real reflection. For example, will there be monitoring, evaluation and reporting mechanisms? Are we going to need technical or financial support? Where could they come from? In this sense the tool will make our task much simpler and accessible to all stakeholders. »


Ms ANGELIQUE POUPONNEAU, Chief Executive Officer at ‘Seychelles Conservation and Climate Adaptation Trust

“Congratulations on this excellent tool…”


“Congratulations on this excellent tool that has been developed. It’s quite clear and doesn’t have too many complex parameters, it goes straight to the point and therefore it will be extremely useful. Most of our Member States are in the process of updating their NDCs, and I am confident that this tool will be of great help and we will work with the Programme to make it work at the level of our region”.


Dr PHILIP OMONDI, Project Manager, Strengthening the Resilience of the IGAD region to the adverse Impacts of Climate Change through effective Adaptation and Mitigation Actions (RICCAMA) Project.

“The tool has been greatly improved”


“The ACP NDC online tool has been greatly improved compared to its first version. It is both easy to use and should lead to significant improvements in the update reporting procedures. The tool will need testing with pilot countries and a validation process by countries. Validation of the tool by member States is fundamental.”


Ms LEAH WANAMBWA, Senior Policy Officer Climate Change at African Union Commission

“The tool provides us an opportunity to harmonize approaches at regional level”


“As it takes the form of a checklist with guidelines to investigate and options to consider, this tool is particularly timely, especially for regional organizations, as it provides us with an opportunity to harmonize approaches at the country level. Another advantage to be exploited is that it will give our member states the opportunity to determine the need to review their NDCs within five years, while at the same time making it possible to compare the different progress made.” 


Ms GINA BONNE, Head of Environment and Climate Change Department, Indian Ocean Commission

“In terms of use, the platform is really easy to handle”…


“We thank the Intra-ACP GCCA+ Programme for the development of this tool, which facilitate the update and submission of the NDCs. As soon as this portal will be available in French, it will allow us to provide optimal information on the revision status of our NDCs. In terms of use, the platform is really easy to handle.”


Mr WILFRIED BIAO MONGAZI, National NDC Coordinator for Benin